- I am enough of an artist to draw freely  upon my imagination - 
Montreal- Miami-Dubai-London-Ibiza
Street Artist - Mixed Media 
  1. wolverine
    Material : Mixed Media on Canvas Size : 40'' x 40 '' 2016 -sold
  2. This Monster Unleashed
    This Monster Unleashed
    Material : Mixed Media on Canvas Size : 40'' x 40 '' 2016
  3. arielle disney mermaid
    Arielle Lost Her Bra
    Material : Mixed Media on Canvas Size : 40'' x 40 '' 2016 - sold
  4. DeadPool gone wild
    DeadPool gone wild
    mixed media on canvas size: 40''x 40'' 2016
  5. The face Of Jack
    The face Of Jack
    Mixed media on Canvas size: 40"x40'' December2017
  6. wonderwhy ?
    wonderwhy ?
    24"x36" mixed media om wood
  7. MossINDali
    48''x60'' mixed media on canvas
  8. Love you Not
    Love you Not
    36'' x 48'' mixed media on canvas
  9. This is war
    This is war
    40'' x 72 '' mixed media on canvas
  10. I found my friends
    I found my friends
    24''x36 mixed media on canvas
  11. Matador
    40'' x 36'' oil on recycled pallet
  12. Stay Wild
    Stay Wild
    40''x40'' mixed media on wood
  13. Finding Nadia
    Finding Nadia
    40''x40'' mixed media on canvas
  14. Summer love
    Summer love
    36''x36'' miced media on wood
  15. head shot
    head shot
    48''x48'' mixed media on wood
  16. PIka pika
    PIka pika
    30''x40'' mixed media on wood
  17. you know im no good
    you know im no good
    36'' x 48'' mixed media on canvas
  18. call the cops
    call the cops
    60''x60'' mixed media on wood
  19. Young Hov
    Young Hov
    48''x48'' mixed media on canvas
  20. black panther
    black panther
  21. So Fresh
    So Fresh
  22. She dreams
    She dreams
    20''x30'' mixed media on canvas
  23. I am batman
    I am batman
    36''x48'' mixed media on canvas
Street Art
  1. street art Ibiza
  2. street art montreal
  3. street art montreal
  4. Title4
  5. street art london
  6. Title 6
  7. street art london
  8. street art london
  9. street art london
  10. Title 10
  11. Title 11
  12. Title 12
  13. Title 13
  14. Title 14
  15. Title 15
Leyla Ghobadi -
​​I create mixed media on canvas or birch wood. I use a mix of acrylic , spray paint , oil , resins , plaster ... Truly whatever I can get my hands on and that feels organic for the piece . My inspirations are widely ranged but a common thread of heroes or villains (depending on my mood !) seem to pop up more often than not. I've always found manga comics fascinating and have been drawn to the Japanese arts. The Disney culture, the DC verse and the Marvel world are infinite sources of inspiration as well .. But don't ask DC vs Marvel ? I just couldn't tell you ! Music is my other passion. I love collaborative events that intertwine music and the arts. On a personal side note, more recently I have drawn from my dear friend's experience which has touched me immensely . He is a young man facing and beating cancer's ass. Whether I can help by incorporating the "F*ck cancer" in my paintings or donating to research foundations; i feel compelled to connect to that aspect of my life through my art.